Tara Tyler’s Beast World is Back — with Merfolk! And a Giveaway!

When I took the test to see what manner of beast from Tara Tyler’s Beast World series I was most like, the answer was — Merfolk! I think it would be so much fun to be a mermaid and swim the seven seas. So today, Tara is here to tell us all about those mysterious underwater dwellers. Take it away, Tara!


There are so many legends about mermaids. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were real? My favorite mermaid movie is Splash! Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah, adorable and so much fun! Splash! is followed closely by Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the animated movie that sparked a comeback – and it has an excellent soundtrack!

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More recently, I like the revelation and true twist of how mermaids are depicted in Harry Potter and even in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – beautiful but deadly!

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My merfolk are not monsters. They’re a combination of all the stories I’ve read and images I’ve seen from my youth on up, plus my own added special qualities. As with all my beasts, merfolk are the result of human experimentation and mutation. They have human upper bodies and ichthyoid (fishy) lower extremities that shift to legs out of water. Their tears have healing properties and part of their mutation instilled longer lifespans.

Rove, Gabe’s best friend, is a werewolf, but his mother is a mermaid, so he has turquoise eyes instead of brown, plus webbed feet. The sweet story of how Rove’s parents met is in Broken Branch Falls.

Wouldn’t it be cool to live in a world with fantastical beasts? The next best thing is to read about them! In Beast World, each species has shared qualities, but there are those who stand out. Complications in dealing with differences among their own species, plus all the differences between beasts, makes a great story!

What’s your favorite beast?

Thanks for having me, Lori! I love talking about the beasts!

CRADLE ROCK, Beast World Book Two

by Tara Tyler

Gabe the goblin just saved his town Broken Branch Falls from splitting apart. He also revealed that humans–horrible creatures of myth and legend–may actually be part of their history! But seriously? Nah!
Now Ona, Gabe’s girlfriend, is headed thousands of miles away to Camp Cradle Rock for Spring Break seeking evidence of humans. Gabe knows better than to tell a stubborn ogress she’s crazy, so he’s letting her go and spending the break at the beach like a normal teenage beast. And he’s determined to have a good time without her, whether he likes it or not.
But when Gabe hears Ona went missing, he and his friends set out for the wilds of the west to find her, no matter what dangerous creatures get in his way. Not even humans.
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Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Currently she has two series, Pop Travel (techno-thriller detective capers) and Broken Branch Falls (fantasy adventures). To squeeze in writing, she economizes her time aka the Lazy Housewife. Make every day an adventure!

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I’m also giving away signed copies of Broken Branch Falls and Cradle Rock, some Beast World swag, and a $20 GC!

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