The Official Map!

In two previous posts, Western Kingdoms of Alltyyr, Part 1 and Western Kingdoms of Alltyyr, Part 2, I described some of the various kingdoms that comprised the fictional world I had created for my fantasy novel, Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble. I always draw maps to go with my stories, partly because I love drawing maps, and partly because I need that visual reference to plot characters’ movements.

A couple of people commented that they would like to see the map, so — here it is! It took me a while to ink it in, which made me wish I hadn’t drawn it in quite so much detail. 🙂 I’m worried that it won’t look professional enough, compared to the maps I see in traditionally published books, but it’s the best I can do, so hopefully, it will work.


Right now, it’s just black and white. Someday, I want to color it in and hang it on my wall. I think it would be really neat to have a section of wall covered with maps of my fictional worlds.




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14 thoughts on “The Official Map!

  1. This is a beautiful map! It must have taken you forever indeed to ink- I assume you did it first in pencil, inked over your lines, and then erased the pencil marks? I used to do a lot of drawings in that way, and it is laborious, but totally worth it.
    By the way, have you ever been to the Cartographers’ Guild? It is an online forum for fantasy mapmakers (both for those who draw their maps by and for those who use a computer program), and it is pretty cool. Here is the link:

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