A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 20: Trixie Belden from The Trixie Belden Mysteries

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I loved to read mysteries when I was growing up. I read every Nancy Drew book I could find, and I wrote about her last year for my A to Z “N” post. This year, I’m writing about another teen mystery series I loved: The Trixie Belden Mysteries.

Trixie Belden is a young teen with three brothers who lives in the Hudson Valley of New York. She and her best friend and neighbor, Honey Wheeler, stumble into all kinds of mysteries at home and during their travels. They brave many dangers and, along with their brothers, manage to solve the mysteries.

I liked Trixie, because she was an ordinary kid with the same insecurities and angst as any teen of that day and age. Coming from a family with two brothers, I could relate to her on that score as well. The stories were good clean fun with enough mystery and excitement to keep me reading to the very end.

The first book in the series, Trixie Belden and The Secret of the Old Mansion, was published in 1948. The series had 39 books in all, the last being The Mystery of the Galloping Ghost, published in 1986. For middle-graders who like mysteries, they are well worth the read.

To learn more about Trixie Belden, visit http://www.trixie-belden.com/index.html.








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20 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 20: Trixie Belden from The Trixie Belden Mysteries

  1. Gosh, I loved, loved, loved Trixie and Honey and their brothers. The teo girls are were sort of like the 50’s version of Jo and Meg from Little Women. Of course I identified with Jo and Trixie!!

    Years after high school I got re-connected with a high school acquaintancd and duscovered she also had an affinity for these characters. Now we always call each other Tric and Honey in our emails 😍

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  2. I never read the Trixie Belden series, because they weren’t available where we lived. I devoured the Nancy Drew books, though, and I enjoyed some of the Hardy Boys mysteries too. Those Trixie Belden books would probably have been right up my alley.

    What a great theme you’ve chosen. I’m subscribing to your blog so I can come back and read these posts from “A” once the challenge is over.

    Thanks for the visit to my blog–look forward to reading more!

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  3. Omg! I loved Trixie Belden! I never really got into Nancy Drew, but I wanted to be Trixie. I didn’t have the whole series, but darn near. I’ll have to see if the library has them, because I haven’t read them in ages.
    Thanks for the memories!

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