A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 24: Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden

X is for — Mary LennoX from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden A2Z-BADGE-0002015-LifeisGood-230_zps660c38a0

I am totally cheating here, choosing a character whose name ends in X rather than beginning with X.

The Secret Garden is one of my favorite books. Written in the early 1900s, it tells the story of young Mary Lennox, a spoiled brat who is ignored by her wealthy parents and is brought up by servants instructed to keep Mary out of her parents’ way. She lives in India until a cholera epidemic kills everyone in her household, except her.

She goes to live with her Uncle Craven at Misselthwaite Manor in England, where she discovers a sickly boy named Colin and a half-dead, hidden garden. As the neglected children bring the garden back to life, they, themselves, are transformed and blossom with new health and happiness.

The Secret Garden is a wonderfully uplifting and heartwarming tale of love, positive thinking, and the magic of growing things. I love how Mary rises above her horrible upbringing to not only create happiness for herself, but for Colin, too.

I’ve seen two movies made from the book, one by Hallmark Hall of Fame (1987) with Derek Jacobi and Gennie James and the other, a 1993 version with John Lynch, Maggie Smith, and Kate Maberly. Both altered the story somewhat, but I enjoyed them. The Hallmark movie was filmed at Highclere Castle in England, which was also the setting for the British TV series Jeeves and Wooster, with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, and is the current filming location for Downton Abbey.


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19 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: More Fictional Favorites! Day 24: Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden

  1. I read The Secret Garden looooong ago to the point that I don’t remember much! I remember thinking that Colin looked cute (according to the author’s description). lol I didn’t like Mary much, she’s so unlikeable at the start, but she impresses me when she decides enough is enough and teaches Colin. Wow!!!

    Elizabeth Mueller
    AtoZ 2015
    My Little Pony

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  2. One of my childhood favourites! (But not as much as Anne!) Also The Little Princess by the same author. I don’t think I’ve seen the films – both books were made into TV series here which I remember from my youth.

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  3. I wasn’t a fan of the book, but I did enjoy the Hallmark movie from the 90s. I also enjoyed The Little Princess. I’m not sure what my hang up was on The Secret Garden; I just never could get into it. 🙂

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  4. I think that we all cheated a bit during the challenge 🙂
    I don’t think that I came across your bolg in the past. Now I am embarked on the road trip and try to say hello here and there.
    I read the book so many years ago, I must have been 11 or something, but I remember next to nothing now. I read it in German, turns out they left out some of the most important parts in the translation. Maybe one day I’ll pick up the original and read it.

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      • well I know as my mom read the English book in parallel with the German as it helped her understand, and then she said that one of the most important chapters were missing. I think it had something to do with Germany’s past that they left outfits and pieces, I hope that now they have a new translation… If I have time I’ll borrow the English copy from my parents.

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