IWSG — Book Signings, Promotion, and Marketing, Oh My!

Today’s the day for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) where, on the first Wednesday of every month, writers get together to share their insecurities and offer encouragement. The IWSG was created by Alex J. Cavanaugh, and you can learn all about it and sign up for it here. IWSG_Badge

Now that my book is finally published and I’ve done some online promotion with a blog tour, I need to think about doing promotion in person. Both the local independent book store, which is carrying my book, and the local library, which has also agreed to stock my book, host meet the author/book signing events if I want to schedule them. I know I should do this, but the idea scares me half to death.

How do other introvert writers handle this sort of thing?






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29 thoughts on “IWSG — Book Signings, Promotion, and Marketing, Oh My!

  1. I am very curious, Lori, to see what responses you get from introvert authors. I won’t author a book, but would have same qualms you do. (What if they show up? What if they don’t?!?)

    Have you attended other signings to observe? I’d do that and, if time, talk to those authors. Also I’d make a list of snippets about my book as well as some q’s to pose to attendees to personalize their experience.

    Be Brave just like your character !!!

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    • Yes, those are some of the questions that worry me. And if they show up, what do I say? I’ve never been good with being the focus of attention. Makes me want to crawl into a hole.
      My local library is hosting a panel/book signing with three indie authors next week that I’ll be attending to see how it’s done. Thanks for the suggestions! They sound like great ideas. The challenge for me will be to not panic. It’ll be like taking a deep breath, jumping off a cliff, and hoping I land in the water and not on the rocks. One more leap of faith…
      Maybe I should go in character and bring a sword — now there’s an idea. 🙂


    • The worst? No one showing up or lots of people showing up and my getting tongue-tied and looking like an idiot. I don’t do crowds well. Usually, though, the apprehension and dread leading up to an event is worse than the actual event. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.


  2. I don’t have experience in that particular thing, but I do have practice at pretending to not be an introvert when I really am. That’s the key, pretend. It should help that you have a specific focus, you’re talking about your book. Prepare yourself with remarks, think about potential questions and what answers you might give. Try to relax and remember to be yourself!

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  3. Get together with another author or two for a signing. Misery loves company. Joking. Libraries are great places to talk to readers. It is daunting, though, to be the “star”.

    Best wishes,
    Diane, IWSG #108

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  4. First off… CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you!! ❤

    Lori, have you ever been in sales? At McDonalds? Maybe at a tiny booth at the mall? Think of a time where you interacted with people–maybe a teacher's aide at school? Think! Slip into that mode as author, smile. Try not to sit behind your desk because browsers and potential buyers feel intimidated by a person behind the desk.

    What about a powerpoint presentation? Have you done something like that? Do you remember a favorite teacher in school? How s/he walked up and down the student desks while discussing a topic?

    These are all valuable experiences for what an author can do!

    *something to remember is that people are *there* to learn something from you (you may even feel a bit discomfort from there adoring and following eyes. lol). They are padawans, and you, their jedi master. You can do no wrong. They will laugh when you laugh. They will eat everything up!

    Hey, I would LOVE to give you more advice and how to build up to what you need done. I do well via chatting! Could we chat over google hangouts? Or perhaps facebook? Does Twitter have a chat? Hmmm… It would be better if I had live interaction with you rather than waiting for emails to arrive.

    What do you think? ❤ (email me and we can figure something out!)


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  5. Hi Lori, I’ve never done a book signing, but when I am at events I sometimes think about how the other people there are probably just as nervous to approach me as I am to talk to them. That helps. I start thinking of myself as a host with some guests that I should make comfortable, and I stop thinking about me. I take deep breaths and sometimes I repeat a positive mantra to myself that raises my confidence. I know you will be fabulous!

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