The Square and Upcoming Book Event!

Based on the overwhelming advice I received on a previous post (thank you!!), I ordered a Square credit card reader from their site: After several days, the Square arrived in the mail! I attached it to my Android smart phone through the headphone jack, downloaded the Register app, and set up the register with my items and tax percentage. It was really easy to set up and has the simplicity of e-mailing receipts to customers. I did a $1.00 test run charge on my credit card, and it worked perfectly. Very quick and easy.

I hope to get a chance to use it this weekend. On Sunday, I’ll be participating in The Craft of Small Publishing in Vermont event at the River Arts Center in Morrisville, VT. It’s a celebration of small publishers, self-publishers, and book artists and illustrators from around the state with presentations and activities for all ages. I’ll get to mingle with the writing community and maybe sell a book or two. Even if I don’t sell anything, it will be a great learning experience. I like that it’s a smaller venue, since I already know I’m going to be nervous. We’ll see how it goes. Thinking positive thoughts! 🙂





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14 thoughts on “The Square and Upcoming Book Event!

  1. Way to go, Lori. One more giant step on your road to accomplished author 😀 isn’t it amazing how starting down a path brings with it so much learning and knowledge in tangential ways? You’ve just crossed into another aspect of the techno realm with your Square capabilities 😅

    I hope the event goes well for you. Remember, even though it doesn’t appear so, almost every participant is just as anxious and seeking the same thing you are – validation and camaraderie from kindred spirits.

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