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Today’s the day for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) where, on the first Wednesday of every month, writers get together to share their insecurities and offer encouragement. The IWSG was created by Alex J. Cavanaugh, and you can learn all about it and sign up for it here. Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

A few days ago I received a Google Alert e-mail message alerting me that the title of my book and/or my name had popped up somewhere on the web. I followed the link and ended up at a site called TzarMedia.com. According to the site, if I signed up for an account, I could download my book for free. Completely unauthorized, with no compensation to the author or publisher.

Yes, I’ve been pirated.

When I clicked on the link again to go back and send a take-down notice, I ended up at a different site, LipsMedia.com. Then it was LilPlay.com, then DonnaPlay.com. I sent take-down notices all around, though I know it’s an exercise in futility.

It’s really infuriating to know that your hard work can be stolen so easily. With all the advanced technology out there today, it seems like there should be a way to eradicate these sites.

Has anyone out there had any luck dealing with pirate sites? What did you do?


On a happier note, I’m planning on doing a cover reveal for my second book, Trouble By Any Other Name, on May 2nd, which is a Monday.

If anyone would like to help me out with the cover reveal, I’d really appreciate it! Please let me know in the comments. Thank you!!!










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37 thoughts on “IWSG — Piracy

  1. Well, here’s the good news – that site probably doesn’t have a copy of your book. They are offering it as a ploy to get you to sign up for their site. My publisher has tracked down several of these sites and that’s what they do. Plus someone last month posted an article about sites like that just trying to get membership money by offering things they don’t have.

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  2. Uggggh. I’ve had my posts stolen and had them end up on sites. I ended up following a trail of bread crumbs and sending take-down notices to each of them, and the owners did comply. Still, it’s a hassle to have to go through; thank God for Google. Your co-host Viola Fury, aka Mary

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  3. Most piracy sites don’t actually have the books they’re offering. It’s a scam to get people’s credit cards. I found a site like the one you did where all the links seemed to lead to other sites and there was no way to contact that site without becoming a member.

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  4. At least that means your work is well liked? I mean – why pirate a work that no one wants to read?

    Glad you figured it out though. It’s really a shame when people feel the need to steal others’ work!

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  5. Oh gosh. I hate pirate sites. I found mine on a couple. I was able to get them removed from one but the other never responded or did a thing. I gave up. It said only one person had downloaded my book there, so I figured the site was popular (or I wasn’t haha). But I did leave a comment on the page saying something like “I am the author of this ebook. If you want to get it legally please go to Amazon.” And my comment is still there.

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  7. Wow Lori, I’m sorry that happened to you. I hate that. Hopefully it’ll be resolved with no damage; it’s sickening how far scam sites will go.

    I know I’m late, but thanks for visiting me Wednesday for IWSG, and I appreciate you being there for me. Have a fantastic day! Eva

    PS- I’d love to help you with your cover reveal. I just need a few extra days notice. My email is lilicas_place@yahoo.com

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  8. I’ve found my book on a pirate site before. Like you, I sent a take down notice and it did disappear from the site. But yeah, it’s an exercise in futility. People will always want things for free and some won’t care. Sending the take down notices are something at least. Otherwise, they’d over run the internet and people would stop buying books and just get them for free.

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  9. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I wouldn’t know what to do, besides scream and cry and overdose on the stockpile of red wine I try to pretend doesn’t exist.

    Cool book trailer by the way 🙂

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