Blog Tour! With Misha Today!

I’m celebrating the release of my new fantasy adventure novel, Trouble By Any Other Name, the sequel to Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble! Today I’m visiting with Misha, where I share the best ways to get your self-published books into libraries.

As Amy Collins says in her recent article, 9 Steps to Getting Your Self-Published Books Into Libraries (

“I want my book in libraries because I know that 68% of Americans have a library card and over half of those cardholders say that they have been in their local library in the last month. That is a huge number of potential readers that might need or want my book.”

Hope to see you there!





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4 thoughts on “Blog Tour! With Misha Today!

    • I’ve had success with my local library and with libraries in neighboring towns. I personally visited them and offered to donate my first book. So far, after taking time to look at the book, they’ve all accepted. It helped that my local librarian had created cataloguing information for it, and since most of them were connected through the same computerized system for interlibrary loans, they were able to use the same cataloguing info. I didn’t have official library cataloguing information for my first book because I didn’t realize it had to be done before the book was published. With my second book, I applied for and received a Preassigned Control Number from the Library of Congress before publication. Hopefully, this well make things simpler this time around.


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