Sue Archer’s Fortune’s Shadow (Nexus Chronicles #1) — New Book Release!

Check out the new paranormal/urban fantasy book from wordsmith Sue Archer:

Fortune’s Shadow (Nexus Chronicles #1)




“You thought you could live without me…”

Jocelyn “Jinxy” Lancaster is having a horrible week. Her dream of becoming a famous indie musician is going nowhere, her day job in her tourist-friendly hometown of Bridgepoint is in danger of disappearing, and to top it all off, it’s almost the ten-year anniversary of her Mom’s death.

When her best friend Grace gives her a wish keeper to help change her luck, she decides she’s got nothing left to lose.

She’s wrong.

At first it seems like she’s on her way to getting everything she desires. Then the people close to her begin acting very strangely. She’s having trouble remembering things, and at night, she’s being haunted by dreams she can’t explain.

Then the best night of her life happens—and all hell breaks loose.

Now it’s up to Jocelyn to try and undo what she’s created and save everyone she loves from chaos and destruction. And maybe, if she’s very lucky, she can even save herself…


As Sue says —

If you like the idea of reading about

• An indie musician trying to make it big
• A magical wish gone sideways
• A secret from the past
• A small town full of fun characters
• A supernatural showdown

Then this book is for you!


Publisher: Doorway Between Worlds
Release Date: April 26, 2020
Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy


Find the book HERE!

Find Sue Archer:

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