Celebrate the Small Things — Weekend Edition!

Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly celebration created by VikLit and now hosted by Lexa Cain to celebrate the happenings of the week, however small or large. You can learn all about it and sign up for it here. CelebrateSmallThings_Badge

This has been one of those good news/bad news weeks.

The Good:

  1. Celebrating my son’s birthday with family and good friends.
  2. Family outings to the beach and Shelburne Museum.
  3. The Vermont Book Shop, an Indie bookstore in Middlebury, VT, said they would order and stock my book. Yay!
  4. My local librarian finally entered my book into the library database, so it’s now available for everyone to read. I don’t know how she did it, as I haven’t seen her to ask her about it yet, but it’s in the system and on the shelf!

The Bad:

  1. My vehicle needs a bunch of expensive repairs before it will pass inspection. Hopefully, at least some of it will be under extended warranty.
  2. My clothes dryer quit working. I felt like a college kid as I took my wet laundry to my parents’ house.
  3. The mixing valve on my furnace/hot water heater is leaking and will require a plumber to fix.

Ah, well. It could be a lot worse. None of it is health-related, and we still have a roof over our heads.

What other celebrations are going on out there?





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