Spotlight on Joylene Nowell Butler’s New Book Release: Kiss of the Assassin — An Excerpt and a Giveaway!


I’ve been thinking for a while now that I needed to get back into blogging. What better way than to host author Joylene Nowell Butler who is kicking off her blog tour today for her latest book: KISS OF THE ASSASSIN. Be sure to check out the excerpt and giveaway below!


Marina Antonovna, a Soviet spy, and Mateo Arcusa, an American homicide lieutenant first meet in Cambodia during the Vietnam War as enemies. Fearful that the most powerful man in the Soviet Union, KGB Chairman Vladimir Kurenkov, has ordered her death, Marina risks everything to defect to the United States.

She promises Mateo that her days as an assassin are over. Vladimir is determined to do whatever it takes to bring her back and, by threatening Mateo’s life, forces Marina to break her promise.



“…. Look, I don’t want to know your secrets. I just want to know why me? Why did you risk getting me back over the [Cambodia]border? To imply I was a traitor? The CIA had a lot of questions I couldn’t answer. Mostly ‘cause I couldn’t remember. Lucky for you, my memory was one gigantic fog until tonight.”

“Are you threatening me, Sergeant?”

“No. I told you I wouldn’t tell anyone and I won’t.”

“Why should I believe you?”

“Because I’d have told the CIA about you when I had the chance. I didn’t.”

“And now? They suspect you of treason. Point the finger at me and problem solved.”

“And have your death on my conscience? No thanks. Look, as I said before, I’m not asking for state secrets; I just want to know why you stopped him from putting a bullet in my brain. Tell me, and I’ll be out of your life forever.”

Again, Marina reiterated in her mind that she owed him nothing. “I have to go. My guardian will be wondering where I’ve gone.” She jumped down and brushed off her backside, moving past him. His fingertips skimmed across her arm and her skin tingled.”

Excerpt From: Joylene Nowell Butler. “Kiss of the Assassin.” iBooks. 



by Joylene Nowell Butler◊ Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc (March 23, 2022)
◊ Paperback: 424 pages
◊Language‏: English
* File size: ‎ 1138 KB
* Text-to-Speech: ‎ Enabled
* Screen Reader: ‎ Supported


Meet the Author: Joylene Nowell Butler

Joylene Butler lives with her husband in the tiny village of Cluculz Lake in central B.C… She is the author of three suspense novels and a contributor to one anthology. 

For more on Joylene and her writing, visit her website and blog, as well as connect with her on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon.


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Play the Blurb Game with Tamara Narayan!

To celebrate the release of her super scary new book, Heart Stopper and Other Stories, Tamara Narayan is here to share a unique way of creating book blurbs. Have fun trying it out!

The Blurb Game


Image: winnie’s human

To write a book description, the advice is clear. Introduce the genre, the protagonist, and the main conflict. Don’t get bogged down in tiny details. Keep it short. Choose your words carefully for maximum impact.

On Amazon, you can pick seven keywords or phrases to help readers find your book. Adding them to the book’s description will also help direct internet traffic your way.

Powerful, specific key words and short, abbreviated language. Sounds like poetry. In fact, when I tried to compose a book description with my keywords, it came out as a poem. Now poetry books aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, so why would anyone use poetry to sell fiction? It’s ridiculous! It’s mad! (But so is self-publishing.)

Before I share my poetical blurb, let’s play a little game. Can you guess what books are described by the three poems below?









Image: Nicholas Raymond


Young love comes with a price

Each new kiss as cold as ice

As she begs to leave this mortal coil

Resisting her blood is his greatest toil.











Image: Brave Heart


Behind the balloons and white grease paint

Hides something deadlier than a simple haint.

Imaginations strong, seven children almost defeat it

Reuniting as adults, their epic fight must be completed.










Image: Joshua Zader


One man bound and paralyzed

A girl employed to open his eyes

If love should bloom, can she change his mind?

To leave this world and his pain behind.



Now here’s mine (each story gets its own verse):


Four tales I present to tingle your spine

Four seasons of suspense to let you unwind.

Lives at a crossroad, a breakdown of order

Between life and death, it’s a tenuous border.


Halloween comes, and the Day of the Dead

For one man this custom brings heartache and dread.

As belongings disappear, a child makes her shrine

Is it a ghost? Perhaps. Or a shattered mind?


A couple spars, and fear invades

An abused coed flees on a spring escapade.

Across Florida’s searing and pocked landscape

Sinkholes will assume many a shape.


Another dreams of feathers, wings of might

Yet experiences terror at a meager height.

This phobia takes every dear thing away

Then, in a brutal twist, saves a dark summer’s day.


Peppermint, mice, and a cold-as-winter voice

A mother must make a desperate choice.

Heeding her instincts to save the child

What’s lost instead, the pain won’t be mild.


Four tales I present to tingle your spine

Four stories of suspense to let you unwind.

Read on to learn more before you order

Between art and madness, it’s a tenuous border.


For contrast, here are the more traditional blurbs for these four:

Heart Stopper: Honor the dead…  On November 1, the spirits of children pass through the gates of heaven and return to their homes. Dallas Radner doesn’t celebrate The Day of the Dead, and he never speaks of his sister’s death all those years ago. Instead he christens his only daughter Tessa as a promise and a reminder, to do better, to be vigilant.  Pray for the living…  Bearing her aunt’s name may be a curse rather than a blessing. On November 1, Tessa’s heart stops on the operating table and she nearly passes through the pearly gates to join her aunt.  Decipher the clues…  Now, as the one-year anniversary of Dallas’s worst nightmare approaches, he has resigned himself to a lifetime of pills, shots, and doctor’s appointments to keep Tessa safe and well. However, this routine is disrupted when seemingly random things start disappearing in a mysterious countdown to that dreaded day. Ten plastic bags, nine ballpoint pens…what’s next?  Before it’s too late.  If the pattern holds, one thing will vanish forever on November 1, Día de Muertos, the day the gates of heaven swing open again. Tessa can’t be the one, can she?

Detour: Two weeks from college graduation, Chloe Langley’s dreams morph into a sinkhole of despair. With no job prospects and a volatile boyfriend’s control issues dragging her down, she takes off in a borrowed car for the safety of home. She’ll never make it.

One Step Away: Acrophobia ruined Darryl James’s marriage and stole his son. To get Andrew back, Darryl must undergo desensitization therapy. Just as success is within his grasp, a relapse strikes with shocking consequences.

Monitor: Perched on a mountain with a view to die for, Laura and Paul Alderson have it all: new home, new baby, and new challenges. It’s the American dream, but when the baby monitor whispers urgent warnings to Laura about the garage and the safety of her infant son, her new life takes a nightmarish turn.




Heart Stopper and Other Stories is available now on Amazon. See the book trailer here. You can find me blogging about books and other random stuff at



What do you think of writing a poem to describe a book? Madness? Fun? What books did you guess for The Blurb Game?