Celebrate the Small Things!

Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly celebration created by VikLit to celebrate the happenings of the week, however small or large. You can learn all about it and sign up for it here. CelebrateSmallThings_Badge

My kids have both been sick with colds this week. It never fails. The minute they get back into the germ factory — I mean, school — wham! I’m going to look on the bright side here and be glad they only have colds and not something worse.

Things I’d like to celebrate —

  1. My daughter, the freshman, loves high school and is doing great. Yay!
  2. Nice weather. It still feels like summer, even though we’ve crossed into September.
  3. Grandparents Day this Sunday, September 7th! Let them know how special they are!

What other celebrations are going on out there?




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14 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things!

  1. It’s a great feeling to have the back-to-school launch behind you, eh? I didn’t realize grandparents have a “day”. I think every time I see my grandkids is grandparents’ day 🙂


  2. I work in school so I started back this week, I’m sure the germs won’t be far behind! Thank you for visiting my blog on IWSG day. I didn’t manage to post for Celebrate the small things this week, but it is lovely to meet you through both hops.


  3. Let’s see…my daughter was so excited to get the teacher she wanted that she did the happy dance when I told her. My son had him for 4th grade and he is UH-MAZING. My son likes all of his classes and is doing well in them, including the advanced ones. He made the A team for football and he went to school early this morning so he could join FCA (I didn’t even know he was contemplating it).

    On a sad note, the mother of a good friend died yesterday morning, but I’m thankful we went to see her Sunday afternoon and she was doing unusually well (laughing and joking) during our visit.

    It’s good to celebrate the small things, because when you look back later you realize they were really the big things (I’m sure I’ve heard that quote somewhere but don’t recall at the moment).

    Blessings to you, Lori!


  4. Sorry to hear the kiddos got sick. I hope they’re better by now.

    Yay for Grandparent’s day! Unfortunately, it’ll forever be etched into my brain as the day my mom broke her knee when getting my daughter’s pine cones from the camper. How is that for a Happy Grandparent’s Day?


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