Celebrate the Small Things!

Celebrate The Small Things is a weekly celebration created by VikLit to celebrate the happenings of the week, however small or large. You can learn all about it and sign up for it here. CelebrateSmallThings_Badge

This week has been unpleasantly expensive, but I would rather look at the good than the bad, so I’m celebrating:

  1. The beautiful fall foliage!
  2. Receiving helpful advice on my IWSG post on Wednesday.
  3. Sharing donuts with a friend.

What other celebrations are going on out there?



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20 thoughts on “Celebrate the Small Things!

  1. Thanks for reminding me how much I miss doing this on Friday. I’ll be back next month!

    Really enjoying fall here in MD and soon in TN before we return to Ecuador. I joined you in the donut, haven’t had one in years and while visiting Ocean City, MD, I had a craving for a Dunkin’ Donut glazed donut. Yummy!


  2. I love fall, too. I’m glad people could help you from the IWSG post. I’m afraid I don’t know a thing about trailers. Have a lovely week!


  3. I love the brilliant reds and oranges! It’s still gradually turning over here. This week I am off to Medieval Times, so I’m looking forward to the jousting. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend, Lori! (And that a genie comes along to get rid of those expenses.)


    • Ooh, jousting! I’ve always wanted to go to one of those big Renaissance Faires. I’ll have to add that to next year’s places to go list of possibilities. Enjoy your trip! (And a genie like that would be really nice right about now.)


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