IWSG — Best Time To Publish? and New Book Release: Wickedly They Dream

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I’m getting close to publishing my fantasy novel, Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble. If all goes well, the big event will happen this winter.

Realizing this, I began to wonder, in general, what the best time was for new book releases. What month or time of year for a release date generates the most sales? Or does it really make a difference? I’d love to hear about others’ experiences with this and why they chose their publishing dates for their books.

And on this line of thought, today’s the exciting release date for Cathrina Constantine’s new book:

**Happy Release Day**

Wickedly They Dream
Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Fantasy
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Grab it today for only 99 cents! 

How Far Will Jordan go to rescue her mother. It will cost her everything–even her angel, Markus!

Buy Links: Amazon

Author Cathrina Constantine resides in Western New York. When not with her family, you’ll find her in the forest behind her house walking the dogs and conjuring a new tale.
You can find Cathy Here:






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28 thoughts on “IWSG — Best Time To Publish? and New Book Release: Wickedly They Dream

  1. Congratulations on getting ready to publish! That’s awesome.
    I don’t have any suggestions about what the best time might be to put it out there, but I’ll be cheering for you whenever you decide to take the plunge. 🙂


  2. So close to publishing, that’s fantastic, Lori! I never got to choose what month to pub. That was up to my publisher and the editing process. I don’t know what month would be best. Maybe the hum drums of winter… Thanks for supporting me and my new book release!!!!


  3. I’ve read that the best time to publish is in Jan./Feb. as it’s past the holidays and people have gift certificates to spend, etc. Whether or not that’s true is anybody’s guess. I’d say, just publish when you’re ready. However, if your book is going to be ready in, say, December, then it could be worth pushing it back a month or two and spending that time promoting your release.

    At any rate, congratulations on you impending published book! I wish you the best of luck with it. 😀


    • Thank you, Sara! I was afraid if I released it in December it would get lost in all the holiday rush, but then if I waited, I’d lose out on holiday sales. I didn’t think about gift certificates. That’s a good point!


  4. Woohoo! Glad to see you’re near publishing!

    I’m not a good judge as far as the best time to publish. I think Pre-Thanksgiving (makes a great Christmas gift) and Post-New Year (bloggers on board for a blog tour) are the better times if you’re looking at this time of year. I have no idea about the stats on the rest of the year. I released on December 5th last year, and I think it got lost in all the bustle. But I didn’t do much marketing (or planning for that matter).

    Best of luck!


  5. Congratulations on your forthcoming book, Lori. I don’t know if there is a best time to publish, just that it’s exciting whenever it happens. So happy for you. Also congrats to Cathy. What a gorgeous cover. Best of luck to you both.


  6. Congratulations, Cathrina!
    My publisher prefers to release books during the fall and spring (or late winter) but never in summer. Must be a down time for the genres they publish.
    Congratulations on your upcoming release!


  7. Is that anything like ‘Woman, thy name is complexity”?

    LOL Kidding.
    That’s a line from one of Grace Burrowes novels. 😛

    I’ve heard fall, after the start of school is a good time, because the weather is cooling down and moms are looking for books to curl up with. I’m sure there are others.


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