Waiting, Again

I thought today would be an exciting day with the release of my new book, and it has been, though not in the fun way I’d expected.

I posted my Celebrate the Small Things post last night, just after midnight, when my book went live. Later, when I looked at the download I’d preordered from Amazon, I noticed that there were no page breaks, and it had these weird symbols here and there in place of dashes, ellipses, and sometimes commas.

I called Ingram/Spark, and they said it was likely an issue with Amazon and suggested I contact them. I spoke with Amazon, and they said it was Ingram’s problem. I called Ingram back and talked with a different customer service person who was more helpful. She asked me to e-mail her screen shots of the problems, since they weren’t showing up in their files. I sent her the screen shots, redid my file and uploaded it, so they could compare and hopefully figure out what was causing the issues. The file I had originally uploaded had looked fine on my computer. The preview on the Kobo site looked fine, too.

At any rate, she sent everything to the processing department and said it could take 24 to 48 hours (business hours) to get a response, which means Monday or Tuesday.

So now I wait.

I apologize to everyone who downloaded a book with these formatting issues. I hope to get this resolved quickly.




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8 thoughts on “Waiting, Again

  1. Oh, dear. How frustrating on your big day. But I’ve heard of this happening to a lot of people – and most don’t know until weeks afterward and seeing someone’s critical review. I wish this hadn’t happened to you, but at least you were smart, checked things out, and caught it early. I hope Ingram finds the problem and fixes it asap. Crossing my fingers for you!

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