The Love / Hate Challenge!

Back in June, Celine Jeanjean tagged me for the Love / Hate Challenge. Thanks, Celine! The idea is to list ten things you love and ten you hate, and then tag ten people to continue the Challenge. You can read about it on Celine’s blog, Down the Rabbit Hole.

Ten things I love (in no particular order):

  1. My memories
  2. My kids’ smiles and laughter
  3. Writing
  4. Taking long walks in the woods
  5. The way the woods smell after it rains
  6. Swords and old keys
  7. A good book
  8. Curling up with my kids to watch a movie
  9. Solitude
  10. IHOP pancakes!

Ten things I hate (ditto):

  1. Spiders!
  2. Sexism, and any other prejudice
  3. Not getting a real person on the phone
  4. Computer crashes
  5. Rap music
  6. Getting sick
  7. Running late
  8. Traffic jams (particularly when I’m running late)
  9. People who are unkind
  10. The taste of mustard

And that’s it! I’m going to choose not to tag anyone specifically for this, because I tagged quite a few people for the last one I did, but if anyone would like to continue the challenge, feel free to jump in!





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26 thoughts on “The Love / Hate Challenge!

  1. I love IHOPs strawberry stuffed french toast, writing, reading, solitude (particularly a nice bubble bath which is just a luxury now) and movie night with the hubby and kids. And ugh, I’m with you there about the spiders. Can’t stand them and they scare me. My husband thinks it’s funny because I’m bigger in size of a spider. That I don’t have nothing to be afraid of. 😦

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    • Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid the rude people. When I get annoyed, I try to think about why they might have acted that way β€” were they having a bad day, hard times, etc. Not that those are reasons to be rude. Anyway, sometimes it helps.


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